Alpaca 101 is for sale!

This website has a long registration history in the search engines. This website is a perfect purchase for both alpaca breeders seeking supplemental income teaching the information contained in the site, or web developers marketing highly targeted niche websites in which to place google adwords and other advertising.

What is about?

Thinking of purchasing alpacas?
Wondering where in the world do you find alpacas?
Trying to figure out what to do with alpacas?
Contemplating the tax advantages of owning alpacas?
Fantasizing about your very own alpaca?

Who owns alpacas?
What are the different types of alpacas?
When is a good time to invest in alpacas?
Why raise alpacas?
Where do I go to see an alpaca?
How do you care for alpacas?

If you would like answers to these questions and more, then Alpaca 101 is ready for you. No games, no tests, just good solid information to help you understand why alpaca breeding has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry in a very short time. The alpaca industry remains stable and the  tax advantages remain attractive.  Please note that there are still wonderful tax savings in alpaca ownership.  Please take the time to learn about these savings through your financial advisor or tax consultant.

Website Recently Updated

Although’s information and domain has been indexed for…years, the graphics and content management system was redesigned and updated with a fresh new look in June of 2013. It is now designed on a WordPress platform, great for marketing and search engine ranking, as well as easy to manage. If you would like to make an offer on, please let us know…contact…